InnovPlantProtect participates in the Fruit and Vegetable Producers Meeting of the Continente Producers Club

The Meeting of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of the Continente Producers Club took place last Wednesday, February 15th, between 10:00 am and 1:30 pm, at the INIAV hub, in Elvas, and intended to present the challenges and opportunities in the horticulture and fruit growing sectors in Portugal, as well as the projects being implemented by the Club to achieve a more competitive, innovative and sustainable fruit and vegetable production.

At the meeting, the executive director of InnovPlantProtect, Pedro Fevereiro, presented to the Producers Club the work that has been carried out by the team to find solutions to combat pests and diseases in agriculture, and also presented the laboratory and digital services that we have available for farmers and companies, reinforcing the possibility of developing a personalized and tailored service to each customer.

The Department directors Ilaria Marengo and Ricardo Ramiro talked about the management and presentation of data in Agriculture and the pest and disease monitoring methods that their departments have been using.

The initiative, in which more than a hundred participants took part, featured interventions by David Monteiro, Commercial Director of Fruits and Vegetables at Continente, Ondina Afonso, President of the Continente Producers Club, and Marta Barradas, Market Technician at the Continente Producers Club.

At the end of the morning, the producers had the opportunity to visit the collaborative laboratory facilities.

This was another important step in making ourselves known to the agri-food sector.

In the future, InPP intends to continue talking with local producers and discuss the main problems they face daily concerning pests and diseases of their agricultural crops, as well as making the applications and technology we have developed more accessible to producers.

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