InPP’s researchers submit the first provisional patent application

InnovPlantProtect’s researchers have just submitted the first provisional patent application for the industrial protection of a bacterial strain, isolated from nature and ecologically safe, which has high efficiency in controlling fire blight.

Fire blight is a disease caused by Erwinia amylovora, a destructive bacterial pathogenthat affects several plant species, mainly pears and apples from the Rosaceae family, and which has had a huge negative impact on ‘Rocha’ pear and apple orchards in Portugal, as there are no efficient solutions for its control.

“This is the first of several innovative bio-based products being developed at InnovPlantProtect. We are certain that this and other biological agents being developed at this CoLab will have a decisive impact on the protection of Mediterranean cultures and on achieving the objectives of the European Ecological Pact”, says Pedro Fevereiro, CEO at InPP.

Pear tree with the fire blight disease, caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora

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