InPP obtains approval for two PRR Mobilizing Agendas

InPP has approved two mobilizing agendas of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) “Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation – Proposals for the Economy of the Future” in which it participates: InsectERA and Blue Bioeconomy Pact.

The InsectERA agenda, which amounts to a total investment of 57 million euros, aims to apply circular economy concepts to the insect industry. The idea is to return agro-industry by-products, and some agricultural and urban residues, to the value chain, in the form of nutritional solutions for people, animals, and plants, as well as new industrial solutions, from cosmetics to bioplastics. The consortium is led by INGREDIENT ODYSSEY, S.A.

The Blue Bioeconomy Pact agenda, led by Inovamar, which corresponds to a total investment of € 220 million, aims to reindustrialize the blue bioeconomy through the creation of new economic models based on the use of marine bioresources, also creating the first European blue bioeconomy hub.

The information is public and may be consulted on the IAPMEI — Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação, I. P. website.

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