Investigadora (MSc)
Francisca Rodrigues

Master researcher, Formulations and Process Development

Master in Plant Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Bioentrepreneurship at the University of Minho

Areas of expertise:

Plant Physiology; Molecular Biology

Previous positions:

Internship at Plant Stress Lab at GreenUPorto, Porto

Research Fellowship at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), Porto

2 scientific publications; h-index (Scopus): 0

Two relevant publications:

Sousa, B.; Rodrigues, F.; Soares, C.; Martins, M.; Azenha, M.; Lino-Neto, T.; Santos, C.; Cunha, A.; Fidalgo, F. Impact of Combined Heat and Salt Stresses on Tomato Plants—Insights into Nutrient Uptake and Redox Homeostasis. Antioxidants 2022, 11, 478.

Soares, C.; Rodrigues, F.; Sousa, B.; Pinto, E.; Ferreira, I.M.P.L.V.O.; Pereira, R.; Fidalgo, F. Foliar Application of Sodium Nitroprusside Boosts Solanum lycopersicum L. Tolerance to Glyphosate by Preventing Redox Disorders and Stimulating Herbicide Detoxification Pathways. Plants 2021, 10, 1862.