Activities Plan for 2021

InnovPlantProtect is still under installation.

2021 will be marked by the reconstruction of areas in INIAV’s main building at Elvas, destined to be InPP’s permanent headquarters. Construction works began in January and should be concluded in mid-July.

In this context, InPP labs and personnel wil be functioning and working under temporary conditions, at the second floor of the building. Once construction is completed, it will be necessary to reinstall all equipments at their definitive sites.

From the Management point of view, we expect:

  • The completion of a business plan adjusted to InnovPlantProtect’s reality;
  • The conclusion of effective management tools implementation;
  • The approximation to the funding model foreseen by the CoLabs regulations, of 1/3 public revenue, 1/3 self-generated revenue and 1/3 associates’ contributions.

From the Administrative point of view, it means that:

  • All formal administrative procedures are already in place and working;
  • All services legally required are hired;
  • Since January 2021, the foreseen 38 human resources are on contract;
  • Budgetary and treasury management processes are in place.

From the Scientific and Technical point of view, InnovPlantProtect’s installation further requires:

  • Integration of the human resources hired;
  • Beginning of execution of the projects designed during 2020;
  • The search for funding programmes to submit projects to;

From the Communication point of view, it entails:

  • Developing and implementing an efficient internal communications plan;
  • Carrying out an external communications plan for diverse audiences.


  • Monitoring the requalification construction work at InPP’s definitive headquarters;
  • Search for new sources of funding;
  • Establishing and keeping interinstitutional relations (meetings with and visits to our associates, other CoLabs – SMARTFARM; CECOLAB; MORE; INOVFEED; VECTORB2B) and other regional and internationsl partners;
  • Relation with ANI’s supervising unit and international mentorship;
  • Cooperation with DGAV – supporting the biofight plan for the control of Trioza erytreae and participating in the Plant Health task force;
  • Participation in teaching/ training – Escola Superior Agrária de Elvas, 3 disciplines (Agronomy, Biochemistry and Plant Biology);
  • Installation of a testing service based on MDS II Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR).

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION: projects (already submitted and ongoing)

  • XfSTOP – An integrated disease management approach for the biocontrol of Xylella fastidiosa in olive and almond trees (submitted – Interface Program)
  • Towards Precision Breeding for Yellow Rust Resistance in Wheat (submitted to FCT)
  • Towards new strategies to prevent brown spot disease in Rocha pear (submitted to FCT)
  • Unlocking Portuguese wheat breeding program to improve resistance against yellow rust (WhYRust) (submitted – European Plant Phenotyping Network – EPPN2020)
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to early detection of Phytophthora cinnamomi in montado/ dehesa (AItoPc) (“la Caixa” Promove 2020 – attributed, abril 2021)
  • Pythium – Identification and characterization of the strains existing in the North Alentejo and test for biopesticide solutions (ongoing – Fertiprado)
  • Development of prediction models based on genomic modeling (ongoing)