Water is life: let’s give voice to the ones that don’t have one

InPP researchers celebrate The International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022 uniting by the River Guadiana and alerting: water is life and billions of people in poor countries still don’t have access to clean water and sanitation.

“This year, the theme of The International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGS) is ‘Water Unites Us’. On this day, we want to give voice to the ones that don’t have one. We alert you to the lack of conditions regarding water in poor countries. By 2030, billions of people won’t be able to have sanitary conditions. Together, let us be an agent of change!”, say InnovPlantProtect (InPP) women researchers, adding: “We should care about water, independently of a dry or wet year. Water has been life for this planet since ‘day 1’. This is why water unites us.”

IDWGS is celebrated annually all over the world on February 11. InPP researchers took this picture at lunch time on February 10, 2022, by the local River Guadiana, one of the major rivers that runs through Portugal. InPP is a non-profit private association dedicated to the development of bio-inspired solutions for crop protection against pests and diseases. It is headquartered in Elvas, a small city in Portugal’s hinterland, very close to Guadiana and the border with Spain.

The theme for IDWGS 2022 is “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Water Unites Us”, in recognition “of the role of women and girls in science, not only as beneficiaries, but also as agents of change, including in view of accelerating progress towards the achievement of SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)”. According to the organization, “February 11 is celebrated globally in different ways, big and small”. We hope our humble action will add to the collective voices on Equality in Science!


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