Pear disease integrated management: InPP organizes workshop

Two-day meeting organized by InPP in Elvas (Alentejo, Portugal) joins DIMAP partners. This is the only Portuguese project approved in the scope of SmartAgriHubs’ PREPARE call. The goal: to propose a digital ecosystem for integrated disease management in pear orchards.

The workshop for project “DIMAP: A digital ecosystem for integrated disease management in pear orchards”, lead by InnovPlantProtect (InPP), took place in Elvas, Portugal, on December 2nd and 3rd, at São Mateus Auditorium.

Two days of intense brainstorming included presentations from several consortium partners, namely on: the three main pear diseases, the realities faced by producers and the available tools to better detect, predict and control said diseases.

Besides the review presented by InPP on biological and agronomic information regarding pear diseases caused by pathogens Erwinia amylovora (fire blight), Stemphylium vesicarium (brown spot of pear) and Rosellinia necatrix (white root rot), participants had the chance to ponder over the know-how and experience of Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Associação dos Produtores Agrícolas da Sobrena, Centro Operativo e Tecnológico Hortofrutícola Nacional, Rocha Center and Portuguese company Melro.

Technology presentations were made by InPP, Smart Farm CoLAB and companies Biome Makers and TerraPro. Final discussion was used to define the project’s following steps, namely the identification of technologies to be preliminarily tested in the scope of DIMAP, and potentially included in a future project aiming to create a decision support system.

DIMAP was the only Portuguese project approved in the scope of SmartAgriHubs‘s PREPARE call. SmartAgriHubs is a network of organizations collaborating towards the promotion of digitalization in the agri-food-industry and interaction between different players in this industry. Also partners in this consortium are Associação Nacional de Produtores de Pera Rocha, Federação Nacional das Organizações de Produtores de Frutas e Hortícolas and Escola Superior Agrária de Elvas.

São Mateus Auditorium was kindly provided by Elvas Municipality.

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